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Burly Stone Weekend Buzz, March Madness edition.

March 18, 2016

Burly Stone Weekend Buzz, March Madness edition.


March Mathness?

March Madness is already well underway, brackets have been drawn, and there are already upsets. In the better late than never category, here’s a cool piece about picking your bracket – sports & math FTW (though I suck at both).


Internet Outrage!

Instagram is changing how folks see their instagram feeds. In a nutshell it will no longer be chronological, but filtered by what it thinks you want to see. Commence internet trolling, teeth gnashing, and threats to quit instagram like, forever! Here’s a writeup on it. While I’m at it, are you following us on instagram? Here’s our feed. We just had a flash sale yesterday – you missed out! Make sure you follow us so you don’t miss anything else.


What the hell is Damascus Steel?

Mine & Punks’ wedding rings are made of Damascus Steel. It’s an ancient method of layering different kinds of steel. The end result is stronger and has these really freaking cool waves that are a natural part of the process. It makes each item forged this way completely unique. Here’s an incredibly cool short film about a blacksmith making a Damascus Steel Sword. Well worth watching:


Need a glass? Got a bottle?

Here’s a little DIY for you - you can get a buzz, then use all those empty beer or wine bottles to make your own glassware... once you sober up. Seriously, don't mess with some of this stuff with a buzz on! 


Sausage Party. I kid you not (and it’s NSFW!)

A new animated film, with voices by Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig & more. I’m… speechless. Here's iO9's take on it. Read through to the comments, which are pretty priceless.


Okay folks, I'm outta here for a few days. We've got a farmer's market tomorrow to pack up for. Oh hey - are you getting our newsletter? Once a month or so we send it out with some cool inside info, sales & more. There's also a nifty gift for you to download for signing up. Why not check it out?



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