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Welcome to the new home of Burly Stone

October 01, 2015

Check out the new Burly Stone digs, folks! Our initial web site served us well for a while. But over the last few months, as we've continued to grow, we started to bump against the ceiling of what we thought that site could do. Then, a few weeks ago, our server was pretty much unavailable for almost a solid week. We could access our emails, that was about it. It was the final straw.

We've changed services to one that's much more robust. We're really excited about how the new site is looking, but we're even more excited about some of the changes "under the hood". Faster, more responsive, & really geared to what we need. In the future it should allow us to explore doing monthly subscription services, provide a separate portal for our wholesale customers, and much, much more.

We love the new site, and hope you do to. Every day we try to do something to help push Burly Stone a little further up the ladder, and we really believe this site will be a big step forward.


Thanks, and remember - Be Burly!

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