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Burly Stone: The Stories Of Our Soaps, 1/10: The Camper

October 05, 2015

(Reposted from our previous site)

When we started to work on the packaging for Burly Stone, we wanted to do something to make it stand out a little. Besides tying the name in to the look & scent of the soap, we busted our asses to find/create designs for wrappers that would help pull it all together. Once we had those set, we realized we had the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to each bar of soap – an otherwise overlooked space - the back of the hang tags. We had the Burly Stone logo & the name of the soap on the front, but the back… the back was an empty slate. That wouldn’t do. We thought about it for a bit, and then it hit us. Fortune cookies.

We could put something like a fortune, or a quote, on the back – one that would tie in to the name of the soap. We decided that each soap (The CamperThe Chef, etc…) would have one of ten quotes on it that tie into the name. So we started tracking down quotes, and I gotta say, we had a hell of a lot of fun finding them all. Just like us, sometimes the quotes are humorous, sometimes they’re thoughtful, and sometimes? Well, sometimes they’re kind of raunchy.

We’re going to do a series of posts and focus on one soap each week. We’ll talk a little about what went into designing & making it, what the packaging is, and show the quotes for that particular one.

First up? The Camper…

The Camper

 Burly Stone, "The Camper" Soap

We wanted The Camper to remind folks of being outdoors, at night, sitting by the campfire. After a few rounds of experimenting we settled on scents of tobacco leaf (no, it doesn’t smell like a cigarette), cedar, saffron, smoke, and even a little patchouli. As for the look? That was easy. We wanted it to look like a landscape – green trees, brown hills, and gold flecks in between to look like camp fires burning in the distance.

For the packaging, after lots of debate, we settled on something that felt like a pattern you’d see on a bandanna. We didn’t want to get too literal, so this felt like a good solution, We’re really happy with it, and think it pairs well with the soap.

And on the back of the hang tag? These are the 10 quotes we have for The Camper...

Burly Stone Camper Hang Tag Quotes

There you have it - I love each & every one of these quotes. The Bill Bryson one never fails to make me smile (because it's so freaking true!), and the Max Ehrmann quote, from "The Desiderata", is one I've known & loved for over 20 years. To me, each of these quotes helps make each bar of soap just a bit more personal - and I love the idea that Burly Stone soaps are as personal as possible.

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Have a good one, folks!

Gates & the Burly Stone crew


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