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The Wet Shaving Ritual

July 30, 2016

The Wet Shaving Ritual

At Burly Stone we’re well aware that shaving is a part of a guys’ daily routine... after a while you stop giving it any thought. You zone out, shave, and go about your day. It’s time to stop, look at what you’re using, and maybe switch things up a little; you might surprise yourself with how good a change can make you feel. I did this a few months ago and believe it or not, I fell in love with the act, with the art of shaving. It doesn’t hurt that my skin looks better than ever.

There are multiple ways to shave, and tons of shaving products to choose from – they range from the incredible to the truly, truly awful. We’ll cover some of these in a later post. Today I want to talk a little about what I switched to – the classic wet shave soap (using our prototype shaving soap – coming soon!).

The classic wet shave soap method is one you’ve seen countless times in movies & TV shows – you need a cup or bowl to hold the shave soap, a razor, and a shave brush. And then, of course, you need hot water – easy to come by since I shave in the shower. Even though the technique is pretty straightforward I watched a few videos (like this one) before my first try.

Here’s what I discovered – I love the process of wet shaving. Swirling the brush around the inside of the mug, watching the lather foam. The clinking of the wooden handle against the ceramic mug - all of this appealed to me. Making a second lather in the palm of my hand, then brushing the lather on my face? It feels great – the boar hide has a stiffness that exfoliates & brings blood to the surface of the skin. It wakes me up, and the lather has this great spearmint scent. It makes my morning shave a much more enjoyable ritual. The end result is an improvement too – my shave is closer, my skin is smoother & less irritated… it’s a win-win.

Listen guys – it’s good to shake things up now & then. Take a new route to work, switch up your workout routine, try something new on the menu when you’re out to dinner. You never know – you may find something new to love.

Have a good one folks!






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