About The Crew


T. Gates Councilor | Founder

Burly Stone founder Gates CouncilorI've been a lot of different things in my life - painter, designer, bakery school drop out, 3D animator, bartender, award winning screenwriter, chicken owner and more. Hell, I was even in the Guinness Book. But if you had told me a few years ago that the chuck-a-luck wheel of fate would have landed on soap maker? I would have thought you were effing crazy. But the wheel has stopped spinning and here I am, proud co-founder/owner (along with my husband, Maurice Beebe) of Burly Stone. I gotta tell you, those other gigs? They aint got nothing on this one.

Generally I'm the "public" face of Burly Stone - I do all the social media, posting, web work, etc. I also formulate the recipes, scent combos, and make, pour, cut, and label every item that we produce. Yep, we are that hands on.



Maurice "Punk" Beebe | Co-Founder

Burly Stone cofounder Maurice BeebeMaurice (long story, but yes, you can call him Punk) has owned and operated his own restaurant for over 27 years. He's an incredible chef & business person. He's the "sensible" one behind the scenes. He makes sure we have our ducks in a row, and helps keep me grounded. He's my go-to if I have any questions about the business side of things, or just need a more... grounded point of view.


Sophie & Roxy | Spokesdogs Extraordinaire

Burly Stone spokesdog SophieSophie & Roxy ("The Girls", as they're affectionately known) are the reason we developed The Mystic Hound, our dog soap. They're pretty casual about wandering into the shower, so bathing them has never been a big hassle. 

Sophie is our 13 year old boxer. She’s sweet, shy, and occasionally crazy. Luckily she’s not as crazy as when she was a puppy – My emergency brake, and portions of Punk's wallet still have the bite marks to prove she went through teething. She goes by the nicknames The Nub & Sofa Bean. Most often found shivering underfoot during thunderstorms. 

Burly Stone spokesdog RoxyRoxy is our 7 year old rescue. She's incredibly agile, completely lovable, and will eat your socks & underwear if given a chance. Oh yeah, she's also a dirty girl - really. She spends a ton of time laying on her back, legs in the air, just looking' for a little belly rub lovin'... and she usually gets it.

One More Thing

Listen folks, this bears repeating. We'll never make anything we don't use ourselves. Sure it means cutting off some avenues of exploration, but it's important to us. We'll always have a vested interest in the products we make, we'll never just hit autopilot on something & call it a day. We sweat every. single. detail.  We want you guys to look, smell & feel sexy as hell. We want you guys to feel like, thanks to Burly Stone, you can conquer the freaking world.

Thanks, and remember - Be Burly!
Gates, Punk & the Girls