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About Us, Rebrand

If Burly Stone was a person...
He'd be the guy you’d want your sister to marry  •  He’d be good looking, but not too good looking
He’d be smart and funny, but he wouldn't be a dick about it  •  He’d be at home at a broadway show or at a local dive having a beer with a Jack chaser
He'd be the guy you call when you need to post bail... unless he was sharing the cell with you. 


The whole thing started because we were tired of "girly" soap. We were tired of the frilly names, of the flowery, perfumey scents, and of the tiny sized bars of soap that wouldn’t last a week in the shower.  We wanted big bars of soap with scents a guy would like, and were frustrated that we couldn’t find any. Out of that frustration Burly Stone was born.

It seemed simple enough - learn to make soap. We spent hours, days researching formulas and ingredients and realized, oh shit, maybe its not so simple. But we plowed on and made our first batch, then another, and another. We spent months learning - refining formulas, ingredients, and techniques. With each batch our skills and the quality of the soap we were making improved. Then we had our "a-ha" moment. We realized that these soaps we were making - these big bars of soap with offbeat, masculine scents? There's gotta be a lot of men (and more than a few women) who want high quality soap that comes from a guy's point of view. They want a man-sized, bold bar of soap without the attitude. They want Burly Stone.

We developed soap formulas using the highest quality oils & most robust fragrances we could find. We worked up scents like The Rebel, that combine leather, orange, clove and bay rum scents, and The Mechanic, with peppermint, tea tree, and basil.  When we had our formulas nailed down tight, we commissioned a special effects artist to make one-of-a-kind soap molds that would look like blocks of rough hewn stone. I kid you not – no one else on earth has soap that looks like ours. Each bar is big (almost 3/4 of a pound!), rugged, and totally, uniquely Burly Stone.

Since our launch in April 2014, we've added beard elixirshand balmsdog soap, and solid colognes to our product line up. And while we've got lots of other cool stuff for guys planned, we make you this promise: we’ll never make anything that we don't use ourselves. It's the surest way we know to stay true to ourselves, and true to Burly Stone. We just want guys to look and feel their best, without any unnecessary crap.


 The Crew