Wholesale Policies

Interested in Burly Stone Products?

Think we might look good on your shelves? We’re glad to help. We're proud of all of our products and love working with our wholesale partners to help you make the most of your business. We also work our asses off to promote our stockists on all of our social media -we're in this together, after all! If you have any questions or would like a line sheet, call 860-984-7464 or email us at info@burlystone.com. In the meantime, here’s the lowdown on our wholesale policies:

Visa, Master Card, American Express.
Initial order requires prepayment via credit card.

Order Minimums:
Initial Order requires $150 minimum, reorders $75.
When ordering bar soap, there’s a minimum of 6 bars (total). Mix & match however you want – 4 x Camper & 2 x Mechanic? Cool. 5 x Dude & 1 x Yard Master? That’s cool too - just hit the magic number & you’re good to go. Likewise, we have a 4 bottle minimum for our beard elixirs. Doesn’t matter what the combo is, as long as you order at least 4. And not to sound like a broken record, but we have a 4 tin minimum on our hand balms too.

With every initial order, we include a leather(ish) tray that’s perfect for displaying our products. It’s masculine, it’s cool, and it holds our stuff perfectly. We also have a wide array of in-store displays/shelf talkers that we include. We can also supply testers for our beard elixirs and hand balms, at half of wholesale price.

Shipping & Lead Times:
We ship within the United States via US Postal Service or UPS Ground. Orders of less than $400 ship within 5 business days from Mystic, CT. If your order is over $400, let’s talk. It’s possible we'll need more time, because of the maddening need of soap to cure. We try to anticipate & have plenty of stock on hand, but depending on the season, we may be a little tight on some items. But don’t worry, we’ll make it work one way or the other. If your initial order is over $250, we'll even provide free shipping.
Of course, for our local stockists (roughly 50 mi. radius), free delivery is available - it gives us a chance to get out for a nice drive and we get the added bonus of checking out your store & seeing how else we can support you!

We’ve worked long & hard to hone our formulas, and stand behind them 100%. Hell, we’d stand behind them more than that if we could. But sometimes, things happen, so we have a 100% refund policy, including shipping, on all unopened merchandise within 14 days  If you open your order & something’s funky, contact us  & we’ll gladly start the process.