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The 4 Pack Sampler

Sometimes less is actually more, especially when you just don't know what you want. Why not solve the problem and get a sampler of 4 of our soaps. We quarter our full size bars so you get 4 smaller bars that add up to 1 Burly bar. The bars are about 2.5 ounces each, great for trying a new scent or to take on vacation. Let's get real - hotel soap usually blows; take Burly Stone with you, we're the wingman for your shower.

You can either let us pick your soaps for you (we like to mix & match), or leave us a note at check out letting us know which soaps you'd like.

We make all of our soaps with a blend of oils that are as nourishing as they are cleansing. In other words, our soaps feel freaking great, and you’ll feel great using them.

At Burly Stone, we believe that more is… more. All of our soaps are massive, easily twice as big as most other hand made soaps, so they last longer. If you love our soap as much as we do, we recommend keeping it on a well drained soap dish in-between uses to make it last as long as possible.

We handcraft, pour & cut all of our soaps. Because of this, minor cosmetic, size & weight differences are to be expected.