Some Other Benefits Of Beards

November 25, 2015

Some Other Benefits Of Beards

No Shave November is coming to a close soon. We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who purchased beard elixirs, donated to, or participated in our crazy photo contest.

Before the month winds down, however, we want to remind folks that just because it's no longer November, there's no reason to get rid of those awesome beards. With that in mind, here's a guest blog post that highlights some of the benefits of those awesome, manly beards you guys have going.


Some Other Benefits of Beards



Burly Stone Bearded ManAre you one of the folks which still do not support a beard, not even in support of No Shave November? We guess you just need some more encouragement to look smarter, wiser, and just plain old handsome. It is true that a beard makes you look older in the start, but it will have you looking like that for a long period of time, even when your friends are tired old men. Here we have compiled a list of some other benefits of beards, for you to ponder upon.

Protection against Bacteria and Foreign Particles
What! Are you dumbfounded? Yes, so are most people. The position of the nose has a particular purpose, or so the doctors say. We know that you are already aware of the filtration system inside your nose. The nose hair, we so dutifully pluck out, are there to entrap foreign particles, including dust and bacteria. This function is further enhanced by the mucus that keeps the nostrils moist and is also responsible for the snot which develops over time in polluted air. What does all this have to do with facial hair? Good question. The process of filtration does not begin inside the nose. It actually starts with your facial hair. If you keep a healthy beard and have a moustache to boot, when air is drawn in from your nose, it is filtered through your beard and the moustache. Your facial hair entraps most of the particles and so the overall efficiency of the first step of your immune system is greatly enhanced.

Protection against the sun
Sun is a good source of Vitamin D, but it is also a source of UV radiation which can cause skin cancer. Research has proved that men with beards are less likely to suffer from skin cancer, because the beard covers their face and forms a protective layer. Obviously, that does not mean that if you have a beard you are free to roam around in your baby clothes and still not be affected by the radiation. It is illegal in most states anyway and you are likely to be fined heavily if caught doing it in public.

Reduction in Facial Skin Problems
In men, shaving can lead to a flare up in acne problems. Plus, when you shave, there is always a chance of infection occurring from any skin aberrations and cuts. A good point to note is that some bacteria are a part of healthy skin; it is only when they have access to the inside that problems occur. A beard will also protect you from painful in-grown hair.

Moisture Retention
This is a no brainer; the added layer bears the brunt of rough conditions, helping the skin retain moisture for longer periods of time. In most conditions, the oil from your sebaceous glands is enough to keep you skin healthy and glowing. The beard enhances its qualities by letting it stay longer on the skin.

Keeps you warm
This is another obvious one; it keeps you warm in the winter. It traps air which acts as a protective layer against the cold harsh winter, in addition to being a physical barrier.

You do not have to Shave
We just could not let it go. Shaving takes a considerable amount of time and for most of us it has to be done on a daily basis. It is just too much effort to put into something. Especially, if that something makes you look like a boiled and de-skinned potato. You will be saving 4-5 months of your life.

All of these benefits are in addition to the already proven ones, like increased attraction for the opposite sex, looking good and wiser, etc. Although, the general perception is that beards are itchy and unhygienic, nothing is further from the truth. A properly groomed beard will not itch, and will also help in protecting your body against allergens, bacteria, and dust. So, grow a beard, groom it, increase its length, and reap the benefits in getting ill less and saving yourself from some terrible skin diseases.

This post is written by Frank Lee, he works at Rebateszone.

Thanks for the post, Frank. We couldn't agree more. 

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