About our rebrand, part 1

April 07, 2018 1 Comment

About our rebrand, part 1

We’ve been working behind the scenes for months, (ironically for nine long months) and a few weeks ago we unveiled a brand-new look for Burly Stone. And when we say that it’s been nine months, it almost felt like we gave birth, including an incredibly hard push those last few weeks to get everything lined up. Over the next few weeks we’re going you on a backstage tour – why we did it, where the brand was, and where we think it’s going. We’re about to show you how the sausage is made.

So why the rebrand?

Long story short? It was time to up our game.

Long story long? When we launched Burly Stone in 2014, we had a logo, look and feel that was designed by yours truly. It’s served us well for the first few years of our business, but over the last year we had come to the conclusion that it that we had begun to outgrow it. There were plenty of people who told us they loved it and that there was no need to update it or change anything. This was even coming from a lot of people we respected. But we knew it was time. We wanted a logo, a look & feel… an actual identity that would not just accurately portray who we are now, but where we hope to grow.

We had this thought the other day - we’re based in Southeastern Connecticut, and there are two major casinos nearby. One started as a small bingo hall, and over time has grown into a big juggernaut. It grew in all sorts of weird ways, and there wasn’t a plan in place from the start. So the place is confusing, doesn’t always make sense, & it’s lacking a real unity. The other had a good solid plan in place from the start – it’s well designed, laid out sensibly, and you know exactly where you are.

Do you see the point? We were the first casino. As we grew, our look didn’t always hang together, and even though our logo was on everything, two pieces could look and feel very different. We needed to fix that problem.

In upcoming posts we’ll talk about where the Burly Stone brand was, where we envisioned it going, and how we got to our new, freaking awesome look and feel. But for now we invite you to sign up for our newsletter (we don’t send it out nearly as often as we should to be honest!), and check the new packaging out over in our online store.


Thanks, and remember – Be Burly!

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Whit Irwin
Whit Irwin

May 21, 2018

The rebranding looks awesome! It was great before, but the new one looks even better and more professional. Well done guys! I love your soaps … I hope this goes national for you and you end up Bro-zillionaires.

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