Stockist Spotlight: Becca Rose

April 18, 2017

Stockist Spotlight: Becca Rose

Becca Rose, located in picturesque Olde Mistick Village is one of our favorite stores - we've been fortunate enough to have some of our products carried here for some time now. If you're a fan of one of our all-natural products, you can thank Becky, the owner, because she was the big push behind it. Over the years, we've come to regard Becky as not just an excellent business woman & stockist, but a friend too.

Read on to get a glimpse inside Becca Rose!

Where is Becca Rose located? What year did you open?
You can find us in the Olde Mistick Village, Mystic, CT. - We opened in October of 2010.

Becca Rose Store Front

What does your store focus on, what do you do especially well?
We are America’s natural answer to health issues for people who prefer an Eastern approach to medicine, nurturing their emotional, spiritual, physical and mental bodies with a comforting lifestyle. What we do especially well is to provide the ultimate in comfort and nurturing for a lifestyle dedicated to health, wellness and feeling absolutely loved and lovable.

What part of Becca Rose are you most passionate about?
Personally, my passion relates back to my own childhood. I suffered from cystic acne and because of this, embarrassment and shame. My passion lies in educating young people and their parents about the benefits of skin care and the potential side effects of pharmaceutical medications. Sending a customer off with a renewed sense of hope that the answer to their concerns is obtainable is what I live for and what fuels the growth of Becca Rose.

Who's your ideal customer?
People who put health (theirs and their family's) at the top of their priority list. Humans who nurture their inner children, who believe in the power of love and want to raise the vibration of the world, empowering all they encounter along the way.

Becca Rose Store

What are three products/brands that your customers can’t get enough of?
1) Our handmade goat milk soaps
2) Eminence Organic Skin Care Line - specifically the Bamboo Firming Fluid (facial serum)
3) Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

What initially attracted you to Burly Stone?
It was definitely a number of factors. 1-Gates is wonderful, friendly and naturally very likable. 2-The products he makes are made with clean ingredients. 3-His production is made in small batches with such careful attention to detail and perfection.

How would you describe Burly Stone to your customers?
We tell our customers that each product is made in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness. We tell them about Gates, the owner of the company, and how he personally makes everything! We love having products for men in our shop and often direct any man (usually he is there waiting for his partner) to our manly man section containing Burly Stone products and they love that we have something just for them.

Are there any new trends that are impacting your store or the brands you carry?
In a negative way? - Amazon makes it difficult sometimes, but we choose to release and surrender that fear and ground ourselves with the knowing that we offer the experience one cannot get from shopping online.
In a positive way? - People are becoming more ingredient conscious focusing on preventative care to support their vessels. This is very helpful to my business, specifically, as this is what we focus on.

Becca Rose Staff

What does Becca Rose's music playlist look/sound like?
We are constantly changing it up! This week we are very 80's centric! Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Queen, Prince, Cyndi Lauper.

Thanks, Becky! Anyone visiting South East Connecticut and looking for an incredibly well-curated store that focuses on natural, healthy solutions should check out Becca Rose.

Becca Rose | Building 8C in the Olde Mistick Village | Mystic, CT | (860) 536-7007
Monday - Saturday 10-6 (8 in the summer) | Sunday 11-5

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